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A beautiful house is something everyone wants, while a functional home is something everyone needs. Our goal at Plan It Perfect Homes is to aid you in making a living space that fits your aesthetic style and lifestyle. We will help you navigate the process of creating the home of your dreams.

Meet Our Expert Designer

Rachel Hoffberger has a wealth of experience that allows her to understand what the client needs and what is best for them. Before her start as an event planner, she studied architectural engineering. She also managed large construction projects at the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.

Her passion for design started when she discovered the wonders of renovating her own home. After this experience, she began helping friends and family members with the small and large remodeling of their houses.

Rachel is a

  • Certified Interior Decorator

  • Certified Home Stager

  • Licensed REALTOR® in Maryland

  • Certified Professional Organizer


About the Plan It Perfect Brand

Plan It Perfect is a lifestyle brand that focuses on helping people accomplish what they want with their events, homes, and life. For more than 15 years, we have been assisting individuals in hosting special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, and other life celebrations. Now, adding the Homes and Life, Plan It Perfect brings you a breadth of services that makes us your one-stop shop for taking care of many of life’s challenges.

Closet Reorganization

This double-wide closet in a primary bedroom had several challenges that made it difficult for the homeowner to efficiently use it. The biggest issue were the two blind spots – one on the left (2-ft of space between the edge of the door and the left wall) and another between the two sets of doors (another 2-ft space.) Other issues were the lack of linear footage of hanging rods and the excessive depth of the shelves over the hanging rod. The shelf cut off all the usable light from the recessed fixtures and was a waste of space because it was not practical to store items on the backs of the shelves.
We started by tearing everything out and patching and repainting the walls. A blank slate made the rest of the process so much easier. The blind space on the left end of the closet was outfitted with 23” deep adjustable-height shelves. The blind area in the middle of the closet was made useful by running a hanging rod from front to back, which is used for long dresses and other less frequently accessed items. Double rods filled most of the remaining space. Then we arranged a customized shoe center, shelves cut to fit 2 pairs of the client’s shoes in width, on adjustable brackets. This way, as the shoe collection changes, so can the shelving system. The entire closet is topped off with shallower shelves that can accommodate folded pants, handbags, and a few other items, while still allowing light from the recessed ceiling fixtures to illuminate the closet.
This entire closet was custom built from easy-to-find supplies at Home Depot. We were unable to find a pre-designed closet system that perfectly fit the needs of our client, so we built it for them, shelf by shelf. This entire project was completed for under $300.

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